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Saturno 25 C, Nueva Industrial Vallejo, Gustavo A. Madero, 07700, Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.



Our History

Nuevas Industrias Rodamex S.A. de C.V.® is a company dedicated to manufacturing and marketing fixed and swivel metal casters, with a 100 % Mexican capital. It was founded in 1944 under the name of Relampago with operations in Mexico City.

Our history started when Mr. Arturo Mendez acquired Rodamex in 1967 by joint stock. One year later in 1968, Mr. Mendez bought the total shares becoming the only owner of the company, and renamed it Nuevas Industrias Rodamex, SA de CV.®

In 1970 the manufacturing plant was moved to its current facilities in Neptuno Street, México City.

In 1989, Mr. Mendez appointed Mr. Marco Martinez as CEO of the Company.

In 1997, considering the need to increase productivity, the first plant engineering projects were started. A few years later in 2004, the new warehouse for finished products was built to increase the storage capacity.

The Company Rodagoma was acquired in 2006 to achieve vertical integration of rubber wheels manufacture as a complement of our products.

In 2007 an important Alliance was established with Blickle Germany, one of the leading manufacturing companies of casters and wheels in Europe, to offer its main products in Mexico, which gave us the opportunity to expand our line of products to meet the market requirements.

In 2012, the need for innovation and technology led Rodamex to open the Innovation and development Department to fulfill our commitment with our customers.

In 2013, Bimbo Bakery Worldwide Company, declares Rodamex its global supplier.

Currently, we are a successful company looking forward to becoming an international competitive organization.

In Nuevas Industrias Rodamex ® we are striving to continue moving our ideas, because we know that to offer our customers the highest quality products, ongoing improvement is required by following up our processes, and therefore letting more people be part of our history.


Our goal is to facilitate movement of objects in an easy and efficient way, at a fair price, with the best quality and service, by offering variety and availability of solutions that allow our customers to provide its products and services with an added value. To generate benefits for employees and shareholders.


To be leaders in the delivery of quality movement solutions for the industrial sector with a 5% export sales composition.

Communication and respect

In public as well as in private, I will always speak positively about my team peers, about my customers and about Nuevas Industrias Rodamex. I will speak with good intentions using a stimulating and constructive conversation. I will listen to everything said before expressing any judgement. I will not use nor pay attention to disrespect, gossip or sarcastic language. I will consider as true whatever is told as first intention. I will be responsible for my answers. I will greet by their name to those I interact with. I will apologize, first, for my failures and then I will find a solution for them. I will discuss only in private with the person involved.


I commit myself to speak with the truth, and to be authentic.


I will stand out of mediocrity, and with no excuse, I will perform my duties as required and be ahead of those who do everything half way.


I am convinced that things must be done when they are meant to be done, without anyone watching over me, always practicing good order habits.


I am aware of the fact that integration between one another is an opportunity to learn and grow. I will do whatever is necessary to keep the team united and to achieve results. I will focus myself on cooperating to come to solutions and not only to concessions. I will be flexible in my work, willing to change if what I am doing is not working. I will ask for help when necessary and I will gladly provide help when requested.

Our People

We want all our team in Rodamex to feel proud of belonging to the biggest and main caster manufacturing company in Mexico, and for that purpose we focus our efforts on empowering our human capital to be able to fulfill the requirements of the market with the highest quality standards.

For Rodamex, our customer is the highest priority, as well as to properly meet his needs.

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Our wide experience in the metalworking sector has allowed us to strategically diversify as a group along 6 decades, offering solutions to different markets.

Tanques Menher S.A. de C.V. (Armebe)

Design and manufacturing of mini tanks, portable cylinders, stationary tanks, gas carburation tanks, tank trunks and specialties.

Coloso de Rodas No. 46, Col. Siete Maravillas, Del. Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico City. Zip Code: 07707.

+52 (55) 5747 9000
Toll-free number - 01(800) 276-3237

Rodablis S.A. de C.V.

Stamping, turning, welding and plastic injection services.

Tres Anegas No. 446 - B, Col. Ex Hacienda La Escalera, Del. Gustavo A. Madero
Mexico City. Zip Code: 07320.

+52 (55)5754 3131
+52 (55)5754 3737
+52 (55)5752 4105
+52 (55)5752 0737

Electroformados, S.A. de C.V. (Tinox)

Manufacturing of stainless steel water tanks.

Saturno 25-C, Col. Fraccionamiento Nueva Industrial Vallejo, Del. Gustavo A. Madero, C.P. 07700, Mexico City.

+52 (55) 3603 3000
(55) 30-02-41-34